Big “C” looming …..

Wow, 2016 is rushing by and it’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog and my most favorite race in the world is upon us!

My silence is pretty much indicative of the year that I have had on the road, brought about by a nagging ankle injury that first presented itself in January and I can honestly say only got sorted in time to get 8 weeks of decent training under the belt leading up to Comrades 2016.

I ran Two Oceans after being back on the road for one week, a lot to be said for cross training, the stationery bike at Virgin Active being my boring companion for a few weeks. I managed a silver medal by a huge 12 seconds, those watching may have been under the impression that it was a perfectly timed effort, but only I knew that it took a huge amount of persuasion to keep pushing after going though the 42 km mark just over 3 hours!

I do believe, and next Sunday will hopefully reinforce this, that April and May are the crucial months for Comrades preparation and that it is really important to have uninterrupted training during this phase with no racing anything longer than 21 km.

I was pretty amazed during the Deloitte’s Marathon, on the 1st May, at how many runners were running at what I would guess to be a pace way quicker than their planned Comrades race pace. I was running at around 20 seconds slower than my planned Comrades pace and there were so many runners ahead of and also running that same pace?

Having said that, there is nothing any of us can do in the next week to improve our performance next Sunday, we can only mess it up by doing something silly or falling ill. So take it easy, do less rather than more, wrap yourself up warmly and start gearing your mind up for what lays ahead.

Good luck to all taking part and to the friends & family members that have supported us in the past few months, thank you for that. May your run exceed all your expectations & dreams,  you can be very proud to be a part of the Greatest Road Race in the World!

See you on the road …..